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A Governor visit by Mr Beckett

We have enjoyed having Mr Beckett in school with us today and I know that the children will be looking forward to his next visit too.


Mr Beckett arrived at school in time to have breakfast with the children in the Breakfast Club and was immediately made to feel welcome by William with space being made at the breakfast table by  Callum and Toby. Mr Beckett said that attending this session and talking with all of the children had made him realise that this is "a really vital service for working parents and that our caring staff work really hard and also encourage the use of good manners."


Following a cold start to the day as Mr Beckett watched all of the children happily coming through the school gate into school the children continued to show him all of the learning that they do during the day. His overall impression is that all of the children show good inter-personal skills and have great pride in their work and achievements.


Mr Beckett found time to spend with children learning in all of the classes and after a tour of the school by Amy and Luke remarked on them as being "great ambassadors for St. Luke's with both children clearly being very proud of the school."


Please have a look at the photographs to see the learning that was taking place today and to read more about why we are so proud of St. Luke's.

Picture 1 Mr Beckett enjoyed attending Breakfast Club.
Picture 2 Good manners are expected and used.
Picture 3 Great ambassadors for St. Luke's!
Picture 4 Dinner time with children in the Sunshine Suite.
Picture 5 Out on the playground at break and dinner times.
Picture 6 Finishing touches to Titanic models.
Picture 7 The children are able to discuss their learning.
Picture 8 Great ideas were shared as models were painted.
Picture 9 Creating firework pictures.
Picture 10 Experimenting in art.
Picture 11 Safety Posters being created.
Picture 12 Proud and keen to show their finished work.
Picture 13 Sharing and explaining learning.
Picture 14 Marvellous work in maths in Creswell Class.
Picture 15 Using the computers in Creswell Class.
Picture 16 Enjoying exercise throughout the day.
Picture 17 Mr Beckett finds out about after school activities