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Lesson 1


The LEGO Challenge


The LEGO Group is proud to be a national sponsor of UEFA Women’s EURO 2022.


The LEGO Group have sponsored the tournament and created a ‘Play Makes Anything Possible’ campaign. They want to make sure any child, regardless of gender, feels that they can build anything they like, playing in a way that will help them grow and realise their unique talent.


Watch ‘Play Makes Anything Possible’ film here:


For the LEGO challenge, please read the PowerPoint. Then choose one of these two options to draw or build:


Team Crest
Reflects your unique passions and hobbies, the things that make you stand out in a crowd.


Tree of Influence
Showcases the different people in your life that inspire and influence you to achieve your goals and play your own way.

Lesson 2


I would like you to design a school football kit. Think about your choice of colours, team badge, patterns and style. 


Check list:

  • Is your design eye catching?
  • Can the supporters see the details from a distance away?
  • Do your socks and shorts go well with your t-shirt design?
  • Do you have a reason for your colour choice?
  • Always put your team badge on the left side of the chest.