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British Values

This week's big question:

Can you prepare for emergency situations?  


British Value: Individual Liberty

There are many situations in life that can become dangerous. By considering the consequences of our actions and managing risks, we can help to keep ourselves and others safer.


Protected Characteristic: Religion or Belief

Some people will not receive emergency alerts because they do not have mobile phones or other devices. There are other ways people can be alerted so everyone can be kept as safe as possible.


We discussed how we all have the right to live in a safe environment. The emergency alert is one way that can help us stay safe.

This week's big question:

How do communities support each other in difficult times?


British Value: Mutual Respect and Tolerance 

Community groups can be formed by people with similar interests or characteristics. Not everyone shares the same interests or characteristics as each other but we can respect that.


Protected Characteristic: All of Them!

Some communities can be formed based on people’s characteristics. The nine characteristics are protected so nobody should be treated unfairly because of them.


We can join or set up groups or organisations and form our own communities. We can meet with others as long as this does not harm other people.