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Collective Worship

Collective Worship

Collective Worship is an integral part of the day at St. Luke's CE Primary School and one that children and staff value highly. It takes place at 10am each day. On Mondays, we have a Pupil of the Week Collective Worship, where each teacher chooses someone who has been following our Golden Expectations over the past week. On Tuesdays, we meet as a whole school to look at our termly theme, with Bible focussed stories and teaching. On Wednesdays, we meet with our own class to continue to look at our termly theme, with time to discuss and respond to reflection questions. On Thursdays, we look at current news and affairs from around the world and apply these to Bible teachings. On Fridays, we celebrate the children's achievements both in and out of school, with our 'Fabulous Friday' Collective Worship. 

This half term, our theme for Collective Worship is 'Justice'.

Week Beginning 15th May 

This week we have celebrated Ascension Day. Helen Murray came in from St Luke's Church to lead Collective Worship. The worship leaders shared some facts about what Ascension Day is and why it is celebrated. Some of Thoresby Class read prayers they had written. This week, we also looked at the 'Create a happy and safe world for everyone.' part of our school vision. 

Week Beginning 8th May

This week, we have been thinking about our theme of Justice. We have read the story of Blind Bartimaeus from the Bible and thought about how we treat people with disabilities and about justice for all. We have read 'All The Colours We Are' by Katie Kissinger and thought about racial justice. We have also looked again at the part of our school vision 'Respect and care for all'. This is our focus for next week's Pupil of the Week. 

Week Beginning 1st May

This week we have celebrated Pupil of the Week and in our Picture News collective worship we thought about how we celebrate significant events. On Friday, we learnt about the coronation and what will happen. We thought about what makes a good king and what might be on their 'to be' list and what might be on our 'to be' list. We read Matthew 5: 6-9 and Matthew 5: 14-16, looking at how Jesus wants us to shine as lights in the world. We thought about how this relates to our school vision. We also sung a song specially written for the coronation. You can find it here: Our King | Coronation Song | (Lyric Vid) Songs For School ft. Blue Coat School Coventry #Coronation - YouTube 

Week Beginning 24th April

This week, we have learnt what social justice means - equality, fairness and equal rights and opportunities for all.  We learnt that justice is very important to God. The Bible says: 

 ‘For the LORD is righteous, he loves justice; upright men will see his face.’

(Psalm 11:7)

We learnt that God wants justice in His world and that we should want it too. 

This week we have also focussed on 'Live life to the full' from our school vision. The teachers will be choosing someone from the classes who does this in next week's Pupil of the Week collective worship. 

Week Beginning 17th April

This week, Danielle Johnston from St. Luke's Church has visited us again and led a Collective Worship about what happened after Jesus died. We learnt about the Great Commission and how Jesus wanted his followers to tell others the Good News about him. Danielle did an experiment with food colouring, looking how a few drops spread through a glass of water, just like the Good News can if we tell others. 

This week, we have also had a focus on the first part of our school vision - 'Let your light shine' and the teachers will be choosing someone from their classes who they feel does this for next week's Pupil of the Week Award. 

Week Beginning 27th March

This week we have learnt more about Palm Sunday and Easter. This Friday, we held our Easter Service. Each class contributed to the service by performing drama, songs or reading prayers or readings from the Bible. Helen Murray from St. Luke's Church led us in worship and spoke about the meaning of Easter being love. She told us to remember, when we eat our Easter eggs, that they remind us of the empty tomb and that we should show God's love by being kind. 

Week Beginning 20th March 

This week, we have learnt about the events celebrated on Palm Sunday. We learnt how Jesus was greeted as a King and we remembered Jesus as King! We also learnt about Ramadan this week and how and why it is celebrated. 

Week Beginning 13th March

This week, Danielle Johnston from St. Luke's Church led our Tuesday Collective Worship. She told us the story of Jesus healing the ten lepers and how only one came back to say thank you! We thought about what we were thankful for. This week, we also learnt the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand. We learnt how we can trust God with anything and said our own prayers, thinking of this. 

Week Beginning 6th March

This week, we have learnt about the liturgical colours in church. We learnt what the colours symbolise and when and why they are changed. We learnt that the current colour is purple for the church season of Lent. This is displayed in each of our class reflective areas. We also learnt about International Women's Day, finding out about some inspiring women. We thought about our own dreams and goals. 

Week Beginning 27th February

On Tuesday, Danielle Johnston from St. Luke's Church came in and told us the story of Jesus being tempted in the desert. She used an orange to show how God's armour, His Word, the Bible, protects us. On Wednesday, we learnt more about Lent and why and how Christians celebrate it. 

Week Beginning 20th February 2023

This week, we celebrated Shrove Tuesday and the start of Lent, Ash Wednesday. We learnt about why we make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and some classes made pancakes! We learnt about the meaning of Lent and Ash Wednesday. On Wednesday, our family worker from St. Luke's Church, Helen Murray and Rev. Louise Bearder from St. Luke's led Collective Worship. We thought about how Lent is a time to look in and to look out and thought about how we can help our famillies. The children had the opportunity to receive an ash cross on their foreheads. 


Week Beginning 6th February 2023

This week, our Worship Leaders have performed a drama to retell the story of Noah's Ark. We thought about how Noah followed God's commands and was faithful to God and how he worked hard, thinking of our Golden Expectation. 

In our class Collective Worship, we have learnt about Mother Teresa. We have thought about how she helped others and how her work relates to our school vision of 'Let your light shine, live life to the full, respect and care for all, create a happy and safe world for everyone.'



Week Beginning 30th January 2023


This week, we had the pleasure of Danielle Johnston from St. Luke's Church coming in to lead Collective Worship! She talked to us about loyalty. We watched a video of the story of Daniel and Danielle talked about how we can show loyalty to friends and loyalty to God. 

Also, this week, our Eco committee led a Collective Worship and introduced our new Action Plan, sharing the themes and actions planned for this year. 

In our class Collective Worship, we learnt about Rahab and how she helped the spies who were working for Joshua. We thought about how to be faithful to God and reflected on the question: 'How can we help others?'