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Friday 20th November



In Maths we are going to continue learning about fractions. Today we are going to be learning about equivalent and simplified fractions. Think back to a couple of weeks ago when we were using the cuisenaire rods to help identify equivalent fractions- this will help you with todays lesson. 


Use the PowerPoint below to help you recap on what the words equivalent and simplified mean. Then try the task below.



English- Big Write


Your task will be to write a speech, detailing the rules and routines that you would have in place if you were the leader of a country. Your speech must be convincing and have a clear argument as to why you should be the leader of your country.

Design Technology


Over the last couple of weeks we have been learning about chocolate and where it originated from. Today I would like you to design a bar of chocolate. You must think about:

- the flavour

- ingredients

- shape and size

- what it looks like

- how it is different from other chocolate bars.