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Maths - Starter Activities

Please complete Week 7, Day 1 of both fluent in five and rapid reasoning, as we would normally do at the start of each lesson. The answers are underneath so that you can check how you got on and also see how marks are awarded. 


We are now ready to start our new topic of multiplication, but I would like to do this once we are back together if we can so that I can ensure all children have a secure understanding of each concept. Therefore, please use the time today to practise your times tables, as these will be really important during this topic. I have attached some activities for you to have a go at, but please feel free to do your own activities or work on Times Tables Rockstars if you would prefer. 


Today in our GPS lesson we are continuing to look at apostrophes within plurals and possession. We have covered this concept in class before, so have a look at the document below and see if you can complete it. If you can't print, don't worry as you can create your own version of the sheet on paper or just write the answers in a list. Once you have completed the examples given, try and see if you can think of your own. What conclusion have you come to about apostrophes within plurals? Send your work to


Thank you to all children who have completed their English homework already this week. If you haven't yet done so, there is still time. Why not use some time today whilst school is closed to get this finished? This will allow you to refresh your memory of the book and generate some ideas on what may happen next. 


The objective of today's English lesson is to write a setting description. Think about examples of descriptive language you already know - we have discussed adjectives, adverbs, similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification already in class. Can you remember what each of these are and suggest your own examples? 


Your task is to write a setting description of Stromhead. Think back to when we looked at the map at the start of the book, and what we already know based on what we have read. What key landmarks are there? Think about the lighthouse, the harbour, the school and the houses. Remember to use plenty of descriptive language so you can create a picture in the reader's mind of what it is like. Also, don't forget to use accurate spellings and grammar! 


Send your description to the class email address - I can't wait to read them! 


Remember how important it is to continue to learn about personal, social, health and economic issues as well as other subjects, such as Maths or English. Can you explain to your grown up what your understanding of PSHE is?


Once you have done this, the focus for today is on shared values. Think about what a value actually is and which values are important to you. Have a look at the PowerPoint below, which explains values and provides some examples. Please complete both tasks on the PowerPoint - the table and the written piece about why you feel specific values are most important (you will find more information about these on the slides).  


Again, please send photos or copies of any writing to as it would be great to see your opinions on this. 


We were due to start our tennis lessons today, but we will still be completing a range of tennis skills over the course of this half term. For now, whilst you are at home, any form of exercise is great. Can you go for a run or compose and perform a dance? There are also plenty of activities on YouTube such as Cosmic Yoga, Joe Wicks and Just Dance.