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1. Complete the fluent in five and rapid reasoning questions.


2. Today we are learning to multiply a three digit number by a two digit number. This should be a recap from last year. Complete the following questions:

342 x 17 = 

734 x 21 = 

213 x 27 =

321 x 19 =

576 x 23 = 

345 x 47 =


Remember to include a zero for a place holder on your second line of working out. 




We are going to be starting our new book 'Goodnight Mister Tom'. Today we are going to be using a picture of help us answer inference question. Using the picture answer the questions on sheet 1. Then read through the description and with two different colours underline prepositions and expanded noun phrases. 



Today we are going to be learning about the history of electricity. Complete the activity below.