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Summer 1


Week 1: Here are some photos from our first cricket lesson. We talked a lot about the game and objectives, as well as learning a few of the rules. We completed some warm up activities which helped us see how you have to be agile and quick in cricket! We then began to practise some batting skills to get used to the feel of the equipment. We are looking forward to learning more next week! 

This week, we have developed our knowledge of bowling and built on our learning by practising the overarm bowl. This is a different technique to the underarm bowl, but we worked really hard and managed to bowl some excellent balls! We then discussed batting stance and technique, incorporating this into a group activity where one child was bowling, another batting and a third fielding. We then applied our learning to a game situation where we were able to discuss tactics and rules too. 

This week, we have learnt more about fielding techniques and how to apply our tactics to game situations. We have been practising our batting strokes as well and have developed our knowledge of different strokes to use in different situations. We are making super progress and have learnt so much since our first lesson!  

This week was our first week of learning tag rugby. We discussed the rules of the game and learnt how to pass the ball. We now know to pass backwards and also how to hold the ball to get the most effective throw. We played a game of tag scarecrow, where we had to defend our tags on the tag belts! We then tried to pass the ball down a running line whilst other children were defending and ready to intercept. A great first week! 

Spring 2

Week 2: This week we have been working on our flexibility. We carried out a range of activities and then groups put together different movements that demonstrated flexibility and thought carefully about how they could travel between each movement. 

Our initial assessment lesson in Gymastics - look at what we can already do!

Spring 1

Dancing with Rebecca's Dance Studios!


During this lesson we discussed both verbal and non-verbal communication and also talked about the use of directional language. The children worked in pairs to direct each other to their coloured button. 


We then used a map of the school to create a start point (shown on a map by a red triangle) and an end point (shown by a double circle) as well as an 'x' to show where the pair's button had been hidden. Another group then used this map to locate the button followed by a race to the end point.


Each group worked well together and showed good teamwork and communication skills to locate their button using the map they had been given. Well done, Thoresby! 

Our final athletics lesson - a 15 minute endurance run followed by some agility exercises.

This week's PE lesson - learning long jump and triple jump!

Week 3: After our 15 minute run, we discussed a range of different jumps that can be done in athletics - high jump, pole vault, hurdles, long jump and triple jump. We worked hard on jumping further distances and then brought in the running jump. We held competitions to see who could jump the furthest and who made the most progress throughout the lesson - well done Logan and all of the children! 


Week 2: This lesson has focused on endurance. We learnt about heart rate and energy levels and then took part in a long distance run. The children found this hard but we are going to run for 15 minutes every lesson from now on to improve everyone's fitness! 


Week 1: This week we have started our topic of athletics. We took part in a range of sprints and learnt different techniques in order to enhance our performances. Each child found a way to improve their own technique and all made progress, well done! 

Autumn 2


This half term our focus has been on tennis. We were lucky enough to receive some equipment from the LTA and have made good use of this throughout this term!


Week 1: We started off practising using the rackets and tennis balls by completing a range of racket skill activities. This allowed the children to get used to the rackets and the level of control and force that was required. 


Week 2: This week we learnt how to hit the ball to an opponent and about getting accuracy with shots. We learnt about different strokes - forehand and backhand. The children are getting much better at knowing how much power to put behind their shots. 


Week 3: We started to learn the techniques of serving this week and were serving from one side of the playground to another. 


Week 4: We have been solidifying and developing our skills this week by continuing to practise all that we have learnt so far. Forehands, backhands, ball control and serving have all been taking place this week! 


Week 5: We have been able to combine all of our skills into matches this week and children have worked in groups to have mini matches with one another. Children have really enjoyed learning tennis and have all made such great progress from their own individual starting points! Well done, children smiley

Autumn 1


For the first half term we have been learning about two team sports and the rules and skills that go alongside them. 


Lesson 1: We concentrated on creating a good team ethic in the class as this was the first lesson starting back from the summer holidays. We played team building games such as 'hoops' and 'cross the swamp' which allowed the children to work together and build communication and cooperation skills. 


Lesson 2: For our first lesson of football we learnt about changing direction and had a full game as a class! 


Lesson 3: We focused on dribbling and passing this week, completing a range of different activities in order to enhance our skills. 


Lesson 4: We recapped our learning of dribbling and passing and then added in a third player to our groups to be the defender. We talked a lot about how we need to be positioned in order to defend effectively as well as the spirit of the game. 


Lesson 5: This week, we started learning the rules of netball. This is a very different sport to football, however the children discovered there were many transferable skills. We discussed positioning and children began by playing some small half court games to apply their knowledge. 


Lesson 6: We concentrated on defending in netball, which we noted was very different to football defence! We also completed a range of activities that related to attacking and then took part in 3x3 possession games. The children are really enjoying applying their new skills and are continuing to develop their footwork accuracy! 


Lesson 7: For our final lesson, we focused on the skills involved in shooting. We used the netball nets and took turns to score goals - this was very successful! Children supported each other well and advised each other on how to become more accurate. We then played a big game and it was great to see how much each individual had progressed from their own starting point and they showed a much better awareness of the skills and rules involved in the game. Well done, Thoresby!