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Pupil of the Week

This week, we are celebrating our Pupil of the Term who has been voted for by Rufford Class. She has been voted for as she is super kind and helpful and always makes sure her friends are happy. The children in the class also shared how they have noticed how smart she is on the carpet and during lesson times. A super role model for our class - well done! 

This week, our Pupil of the Week has been awarded to someone who is so kind and caring and shows respect for everyone within the school community. He has excellent manners and always thinks about the feelings of others, showing respect during lesson times through listening and contributing, but also outside during break times by ensuring everyone is included and feels happy. He is a super role model for the rest of the class smiley

This week's superstar was chosen for really living life to the full and approaching all tasks with a positive attitude. She is always smiling and works really hard to ensure she has the knowledge she needs to excel in each lesson. She is really kind and always looks after others, wanting to help in any way she can. Well done! 

Our Pupil of the Term for Spring 2 has been voted for by the rest of the class for being such an excellent role model! The other children have said he is kind, helpful, clever and always includes others in his games. He is always super smart on the carpet and is always ready to learn. Well done smiley