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Thursday 9th September

This week's homework task is to create a poster about Australia. It is going to be our topic for this half term and we have already reached out to schools in Australia in the hope that we can be pen pals with them! It would be great to find out a little about the country - do you know the capital city? Can you name the key territories? What is the culture like there?


Find out what you can and produce a bright, eye-catching poster - try to include some pictures if you can! Once you have finished, take a photo and email it to


Homework needs to be emailed by Wednesday 15th September please smiley


We have changed how we do spellings and Big Write tasks in school so there are no spellings to practise at home and no Big Write to prepare for. We are now doing writing tasks in school that link in with the relevant topic rather than a weekly Big Write. There will still be plenty of opportunities for me to assess the children's writing and provide feedback to them, it will just be structured in a different way. Spellings will be learnt in school, but rather than words sent home and practised for a test we will be learning about the spelling rule and focusing more on making links between words so that the children have a deeper understanding of spelling instead of practising for a test and then potentially forgetting the spelling afterwards! More information on this will be provided soon, but if you would like to discuss this with me please find me after school or email the class address. Thank you!