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Tuesday 24th



Spend the first 15 minutes on Times Tables Rockstars. Is there a times table that you need to pay extra attention to?


Today we are going to learn how to add fractions with different decimals. If two fractions have different decimals we should start to change them into the same denominator. To do this we can find a common multiple or times both denominators together. Remember whatever we do to the denominator we need to do to the numerator.




4/5 + 2/ 8


We should times the 5 and 8 together to make 40. Our denominator is now 40.

- What did we times the 5 by to make 40? 8. So we should times the 4 by 8 to make 32.

- What did we times the 8 by to make 40? 5. So we should times the 2 by 5 to make 10.

Now we have 32/40 + 10/40 = 42/40= 1 2/40


Try the following questions.



Today we are going to continue learning about the heart. I would like you to write about the importance of the heart and how blood moves around the body. You could choose to do this as a poster, powerpoint or an information text. 


Complete the reading comprehension below.