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In Maths today, we will be continuing our learning on comparing and ordering numbers. 

Please watch the teaching video then complete the tasks.


In English today, we will be having a look at a pair of suffixes. 

Have a look at the root words then add the correct suffix: -able or -ible. 

Can you think of any other words that use these suffixes? 


Today in school, we will be listening to a talk about water safety from the Canal and Rivers Trust. 

Have a think about this at home and complete some research. 

How can you stay safe around open water? 

What should you do if you are in trouble in water? 

What should you do if a friend gets into trouble in water? 


In French today we will be learning how to ask someone how they are. 

Follow the PowerPoint and practise saying the phrases. You can also have a go at writing them.