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Today we are going to be multiplying two digits using the area model. This is something that you might not have done before so please take time to look over the PowerPoint to see the steps in place. 


The activity is below for you to complete. I have also attached a challenge sheet for you to complete. 



  1. Every jolting minute was bringing them closer to a new home.
  2. The headlights caught the glint of black windows ahead.
  3. He had become used to the sing-song burr of the villagers.
  4. There were stakes to be driven in for fencing.
  5. Built of purple-grey stone and grey tiles mottled with lichen.
  6. They came to recognise Churchill's gruff voice.

Using the sentences above, I would like you to write a definition for the words in bold and then give examples of synonyms and antonyms. You may use a thesaurus to help you. 


What do you think: All's fair in love and war means?



Use the PowerPoint below to recap on direct and indirect speech. Then I would like you to write five examples of direct speech and five examples of indirect speech.



This week we are continuing our learning about World War Two and today we are thinking about the children who were evacuated in the war. 

- What do you know about the children who were evacuated in the war?

- How do you think being evacuated from their families made them feel?

- Where were the children evacuated to?


Use the PowerPoint to complete the activity.