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Week beginning: 20th March, 2023

A visit to our church - St. Luke's church

We had a lovely time visiting church on Tuesday with Mrs Murray and Danielle. We had a tour of the church and learnt about all the different parts of the church. There was so much to see.

Can you remember the pulpit, pew, lecturn, font and the alter?

We then talked about how Christians celebrate Easter and the symbols that we see around Easter time. We finished the afternoon by creating a moving Easter egg picture that revealed a cross! 


I would just like to say you all behaved wonderfully and listened carefully. I would also like to say a big THANK YOU to Mrs Murray, Danielle and Mrs Cushing for organising this for us. We really appreciated it.

Understanding the World - Investigating seeds and plants

This week we have been learning about seeds and what they need to be able to grow. We talked about how plants are living and we looked at how each plant has different types of seeds. We also talk about the different parts of the plant and what each part does. 



The roots - Are like toes and feet.

The stem - Is like the body.

The flower/petal - Is like the head/face.

The leaves - Are like hands - They collect the sunshine.


We have all chosen a seed to plant. Fingers crossed we begin to see them grow into plants over the next month. I wonder which seed you planted?


Zoom to the Moon! Making our space crafts - We have completed stage 1 - Fixing and fastening - Constructing our models