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Worship with Reverend Alex

Collective Worship with Reverend Alex-Thursday 12th March 2020


This morning our Year 6 Worship Leaders impressed Reverend Alex by the way they opened our Collective Worship, well done children! Reverend Alex then helped us to think about the importance of caring for each other and our World. This linked nicely with the tasks our children are completing as part of the Lent Project and followed on from the message from our Collective Worship with Reverend Lima last week.

Love is the greatest power!

Reverend Alex asked us the question 'What is the strongest, most powerful thing on Earth?'


The children had to vote from four choices selected by four different children - A Shark, a levelled-mined volcano, a hurricane and gravity. All the children voted and the winner was...a volcano!

Alex went on to explain that although a volcano is powerful, 'Love' is the most powerful. Love overpowers hate and that love never gives up. He said that love helps us to trust in God, and that God loves everyone.


Love is the strongest, most powerful force on Earth.

Thank you Reverend Alex.


A Special Welcome Service


On Sunday, 15th September, Reverend Alex welcomed our new F2 children in a special service at St. Luke's Church. Reverend Rodger, the Archbishop of York's Evangelist, was also at this special service. It was lovely to see some of our families at the church and to watch our children receive their certificate of welcome.