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Year 2

This week, we have been discussing how friends can be similar or different to each other in a range of ways. We talked about how we don't have to like the same things in order to be friends, but that we must have certain qualities. We decided that kindness, helpfulness, honesty and humour were important to us in a friend. We then made a recipe for a good friendship to remind ourselves what we look for in others, but also what qualities other people will look for in us. 

We have followed on from our lesson about similarities and differences by learning this week about acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. We have thought carefully about behaviour that is hurtful and we discussed how, even if we are different to each other, we should always be kind. We realised that the behaviour we were suggesting as acceptable were all things we had already said in our first PSHE lesson on qualities of a good friend. We were really pleased that we made that connection! We role-played some unacceptable behaviour scenarios and talked about what was happening and how to resolve it. Finally, we discussed who to report to if we saw or experienced any hurtful or unacceptable behaviour. 

This week, we have been discussing bullying. We learnt about this during our 'Anti-Bullying Week' work but it was great for us to have further conversations about what bullying is and how it can make people feel. We also discussed who we could talk to if we were being bullied or knew of someone who was. We learnt more about how to treat others and linked this to acceptable and unacceptable behaviours. 

Finally, we have learnt more about the difference between secrets and surprises. We discussed that surprises are positive and make people feel good. They also get revealed eventually so that everyone involved knows about it. We also thought that secrets were more negative as they may affect someone's ability to be honest or may make them feel worried or anxious. We then thought about how we have felt if we have had a surprise or a secret before and discussed the difference between these feelings.