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British Values

This week's big question:

Should men and women’s sports teams be paid the same?


British Value: Democracy

If we do not agree with something or do not think it is fair, we can use our voices to make changes. We learnt that Wales’ national men and women's football teams will now receive equal pay. All children have rights and should not be treated unfairly for any reason. This includes whether we are a girl or a boy.


Protected Characteristic: Sex

We discussed how both men and women should be treated fairly. This includes being paid fairly for the job they do.

This week's big question:

How much control do influencers have over our choices? 


British Value: Mutual Respect and Tolerance

We discussed that we all have the power to influence so should consider how our behaviour, actions and words can affect others. We all have the right to be protected from exploitation (being taken advantage of). Learning about social media and keeping safe online can help do this.


Protected Characteristic: Religion or Belief

Our beliefs consist of the things we believe to be true about ourselves, the world and others. They are firmly embedded and affect the way we think and behave. There are many things which may influence our beliefs.