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Creswell Crags

We all had a fantastic day today on our visit to Creswell Crags.


We started the day with a tour of one of the Ice Age caves, looking at arefacts including a genuine stone age hand age. The cave was quite large, so even those of us who were worried about going in found that is was a good experience.


Next we tried some Ice Age survival skills. We built a shelter, threw spears at a Mammoth, and tried to light a fire with a bow. We certainly worked up an appetite, so lunch was more than welcome.


In the afternoon we spent time in the museum, sketching the hyena and exploring how archaeologists find out about the past. We had access to a pit to brush away sand to find artefacts, magnifying glasses and even an electronic microscope to explore what we had found.


Finally we had a visit to the gift shop, before boarding our minibus back to school.