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Thursday 13th January

As part of our class book 'The Unlikely Spy' we have been learning more about the life of evacuee children within the war. Have a look at the PowerPoint attached to learn more about what life was like for evacuee children. Then, think about what the children may have needed to pack in their suitcases before leaving home. The task (Word document) includes a range of photos for you to look at and then more details about the task at the end. Once you have looked through the pictures, decide what you think would be essential items to pack. Then, add a new column of desirable items (those you would want but don't necessarily need) and then a column for items not needed. 


You can present this on paper or using the computer and it can be brought into school or emailed. 


Please hand the work in by Wednesday 19th January. 


If you have any problems accessing any of these documents, please let me know as soon as you can.