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Maths - Starter Task


In our Maths lesson, we now complete two tasks called Fluent in Five and Rapid Reasoning. Each task is timed for 5 minutes. 



In maths, I would like you to make your own board game that you planned yesterday. Try and be as creative as you can. You could even play your game with your family!


I can't wait to see it!



In English, we will be writing a recipe this week to explain how we could enjoy summer.


Today, I would like you to revisit yesterdays PowerPoint to help you write your own recipe for a perfect summer. Remember to use all your ideas from your plans! For example: expanded noun phrases, time conjunctions and imperative verbs. 


I can't wait to read your recipe!



In art today, I would like you to paint a Japanese blossom tree. You will need: a paint brush, pink and brown paint, a pencil and a white piece of paper. Please follow the powerpoint to learn how to paint your blossom tree.