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Week beginning 30th November


Today in Maths we are looking at adding or taking away a single digit number from a two digit number. First play the bus stop game with an adult. Then, complete the green sheet. Remember to put the number in your head and count on using your fingers. Remember to look at whether it is an add or take away. 



In Literacy today, we are looking at writing a plan for our newspaper report on the Great Fire of London. Think about the key events of the Great Fire of London. When and where did it happen? Who were the eyewitnesses? Complete the plan with a grown up.



In topic, we are looking at what happened after the Great Fire of London. Look at the PowerPoint and think about how London has changed over time. Then, you are going to create your own house design. What do houses look like now? Use the sheet to cut and stick your house together.

In Maths, we are looking at adding three single digit numbers together. Complete the mental arithmetic first First, think of all the number bonds to 10 that you can think of. For example, 6 + 4. These will help you with the next task. Go through Power Point and practise the questions. Which three numbers would you add together first to make the addition easier? You would look for number bonds to 10 or numbers you can double, for example 7 + 7. 


For Literacy today, we are moving on to the second sheet where children are going to write the introduction, the main story and the conclusion. Think about a good introduction for your newspaper. You need to grab the readers attention. For the main, you need to include facts that you have researched about the Great Fire of London. For the conclusion, you need to summarise the main points.


For E.G.P.S, we are looking at different types of sentences. There are four types of sentences: exclamations, questions, commands and statements. Look at the PowerPoint, how are the sentences different? What punctuation is used? Write 3 sentences for each type of sentence. 

In Literacy, we are going to be writing our plan for our newspaper report. First, I would like you to play this fun game (see link) Then, complete the plan for your newspaper report all about the Great Fire of London. Please complete the second sheet, as we have done the first one in class. Have a think about what you would like to include in your introduction. You need to introduce the topic, what are you are going to talk about, when and where did the great fire happen? Then, you are going to complete the main section. This is where you include your key facts about the Great Fire of London. Also, speak about the witnesses such as Samuel Pepys and the children around that time, what did they think? Then, you are going to move on to your conclusion. This is where you are going to talk about what is going to happen next. Will London change forever?...


Yesterday in Maths, we were learning how to add three single digit numbers together by either identifying bonds to ten and identifying numbers you can double. Children drew dots above the numbers and added them altogether to get the answer. For the starter, I would like you to complete the dice addition game. I would like you to play this with a grown up. You need to roll the dice three times, each time you roll the dice you need to write the number down on your sheet. Once you have three numbers, you draw the correct amount of dots on top and count them all together for the answer. In today's maths lesson, we are looking at number lines. We are going to subtract using number lines. Subtract means take away. When we subtract numbers using a number line, we have to partition the number first (split the number into tens and ones). For example, if you had 99 - 27. There are 2 tens in 27, so on your number line you would draw two jumps back representing ten each. Then, you look at how many ones you have, 7! So then you would do one jump back representing 7. The tens jump needs to be bigger because it is a bigger number than the 7. The sheet has a great explanation on it showing how to draw the number line correctly. Please complete this sheet.  


In Phonics, we are focusing on the split digraph 'o-e'. Explain to a grown up what is a split digraph. Look at the powerpoint together and complete the tasks. 


For our topic, we have been creating our own houses that we would design after the Great Fire of London happened. Now, I would like you to create your own pop up tudor house! The instructions are on the sheet attached. I would love to see some photos of this, remember to email your work to the class email address!




For Maths, I would like you to complete the mental arithmetic. In class, we have learned lots about doubling and have learned how to do it using our doubling method. You first partition the numbers into tens and ones. You then draw two arrows underneath and then double those numbers. Once you've doubled those numbers, you add them together and you have your answer! We are going to be learning how to add using a number line. Yesterday, we focused on subtracting and now we are going to do the opposite, add! To add a number, you need to partition it first of all so you know how many tens and ones you have. For example, if you have 23 + 24, you have two tens and 4 ones. You would need to do two jumps of ten, and add one jump of 4. If you are struggling to add the tens on mentally, you can use the hundred square sheet to support. Remember that for adding on ten we jump down one. 


For Literacy, I would like you to complete the big write all about the 'super pug dog'! I would like you to think of a headline to use for this picture. It needs to be short and snappy to get the readers attention. Then, I would like you to write a newspaper report all about this dog. What could happen in your newspaper report? Speak with a grown up before about what you would like to write. Is the dog going to take over the world? 


For Computing, I would like you to log on to Purple Mash and complete the 2 do which is to create an animation of the Great Fire of London. 


For phonics, we are recapping the split digraph 'a-e' sound. Look at the powerpoint, can you sound out the words correctly? Can you spot the split digraph? How many syllables do the words have? Next, I would like you to complete the sheet. First of all, you need to write the word that the picture is showing. Remember to fill in each space with a letter. Then, I would like you to identify the words that need to be put into the sentences.


For topic, I would like you now to create your own tudor house! There are instructions attached, however, if you have another idea for how to create one you can do that too! I would really like to see some photos of these, remember to email the work to the class email address!

Friday 4th December

Today I would like you to complete your spelling test. Please complete this with a grown up. Your grown up needs to test you on the words and when you test them please put the word into a sentence too. 


For Literacy, I would like you to write your newspaper report up neatly onto the template. It gives you the opportunity to draw a picture as well, you could draw a picture of the Great Fire of London burning the houses etc. I have been very impressed with your plans and I can't wait to see the final piece! 


For Maths, we are looking at equal groups. In lessons, we have been learning how to share numbers using the circle method. Now we are focusing on making equal groups. Talk to a grown up about what an equal group is. What does it mean to be equal? Look at the powerpoint and complete with a grown up. Then complete the sheet where you fill in the missing numbers in the sentences please.


In Science, we are looking at exercise. Look at the PowerPoint. There are various fun activities to complete. The first one is to have a think about five different exercises that you can do in one minute, for example, star jumps. You need to time yourself doing this. How many times can you do them within one minute? On the sheet, write a few words to describe how you feel when doing the exercise. Then complete the exploring exercise questions. Which exercise did you find the hardest and easiest etc? In addition, there are some physical exercise challenge cards which you may want to do.


For phonics, I would like you to complete the activity where you sort the real and fake words.