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Week commencing 4th January

Super workers!


Well done everyone for all of the fantastic work you have been doing, I have really enjoyed looking at it all. 


Isabel has written an excellent diary entry from the perspective of a cocoa picker, Jake's abstract noun land was absolutely brilliant and Aidan has been performing excellently in the maths task! 


I have also received some really great work from Aurora-Blue, Annabel, Daya and Taran - I am so pleased you are keeping up with the learning and enjoying it. 


A big well done to Sophie, Lily, Bobby and Millie too who have sent some excellent work in to show how well they are keeping up with our learning! 


It's been great to see Albie and Riley on Purple Mash today completing some of the tasks - keep it up boys! 


Thank you to all who have sent positive feedback relating to the teaching videos - I am aiming to upload as many as I can to help explain tricky concepts. If you need anything, as always, you know where to find me as I am ready to help anyone who needs it.


See you soon smiley

Tuesday's home learning


A huge well done to all of the class who have sent in fabulous pieces of work already this week. This morning, I have received some excellent writing from Bobby who explained his ideas surrounding Charlie and his feelings about the factory using some wonderful sentence starters and great ideas. Amazing work, Bobby! 


I have also seen an excellent map from Lily, whose hero in her world is called Jack the Kindness. He sounds like a superhero!


Jasmine has been working hard on Purple Mash too and has sent in lots of work on there. 


Keep up the hard work everyone smiley

Amazing home learning!


Thank you so much for all of the work I have received already today! I have been really pleased to see all of your work and be able to send you comments. I have also had lots of tasks handed in on Purple Mash and have replied to those individually. 


Take a look at one of Lily's pieces of work - she wrote a descriptive paragraph based on a scary haunted house picture!


The wind was rushing and rumbling through the trees. Rain fell like thunder down the window. The fog was steamy grey like nanans car.  The clouds were full of thunder, like bruises in the air. Spiky branches were scraping against the wall like witches long fingernails going down a window. I could smell skeletons coming out of the hard muddy ground ready to attack me. The house is old, rusty and all the windows are smashed with glass falling from the roof. When I touched the wooden door it opened by itself with a creaking noise and ghosts flying like lamboginis came out to attack me.


Amazing use of descriptive language that we discussed in English last half term! 


I've also been really pleased to see work from Annabel from today's learning, and a special well done to Albie, George, Sophie and Millie for lots of Purple Mash tasks today!


Keep up the hard work everyone smiley