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Year 1

03/10/2022 - 07/10/2022

Focus sounds: 'a-e', and /ai/ written as 'eigh', 'ey', 'ei'


This week, we have been looking at the above sounds. Phase 5 begins to get trickier because some of the sounds sound the same but they are spelt differently. We looked at words such as weightcake, made, they, and reins. We began to get used to recognising the sounds and began to write sentences with words which contain these sounds.

26/09/2022 - 30/09/2022

Focus : 'wh', 'ph' and 'ay'


We have now moved on to Phase 5 in Phonics and have been looking at the above sounds. These sounds are trickier because they sound the same as some sounds but are spelt differently. For example; 'ph', sounds like /f/ but is spelt completely different. We see the 'ph' sound in words such as 'elephant', 'photograph' and 'Sophie'. 


We discussed what words contain these sounds and had a go at using those words to write our own sentences. Can you show your grown-ups a sentence containing one of these sounds? 

19/09/22 - 23/09/22

Focus: Phase 4 - Adjacent consonants


This week, we have looked at words which contain adjacent consonants. Can you remember any words that we covered? Some were super tricky because we couldn't quite hear all of the sounds in the words. For example, we looked at the words next, quilt, swim and spin


During our language sessions this week, we looked at how to read and spell the irregular words 'one', 'when', 'out' and 'what'. These words were difficult because we just have to learn them and we can't sound them out. Can you continue practising these irregular words at home with your grown-ups? How can we use these irregular words and adjacent consonants in a sentence? 

Practising our high frequency words!

12/09/22 - 16/09/22


Focus: 'sh', 'ch', 'th' and 'ng'


This week, we have been focusing on the above sounds from Phase 3. We have recapped what these sounds are and how they are pronounced. We have also thought about words that have these sounds in and have written some of these words, concentrating really hard on our spelling. 


Can you think of any words that include any of these sounds? Tell a grown up!