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For Maths, we are focusing on drawing pictograms. What is a pictogram? We have actually used one of these in science for the minibeasts task. Watch the video and then complete the activity afterwards


For Literacy, we are focusing on non-information texts and the Ice Witch. In today's lesson, we are focusing on using the present tense. Watch this video and complete the activities


For your spellings this week, we are focusing on the spelling rule 'wr'. As you can see, our spellings have this sound at the start. The 'w' is silent. I would like you to complete the Power Point and then complete the look, cover, write and check sheet. For your challenge, I would like you to put these words into sentences.



For P.E I would like you to complete a Joe Wicks workout on youtube please.


For Science this week, we are going to look at rainforest habitats. Follow the link, watch the video and complete the worksheet.

Mental health activity