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Phonics and Spellings

Flashcards - Phase 3 and 5 sounds

All phase 3 sounds (missing j,v,w,x,y,z,zz) and all phase 5 sounds

This week's spellings to practise - pink zigzag words -

don't  old   by   time   house   I'm

In school, we would normally send these spellings out on a Friday and test the children on them on Wednesday. A new set of spellings will be put on the 'phonics and spellings' section every Friday. You can send me in their spellings each Wednesday, through our class email, to let us know how they did.

Pink zigzag keywords

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Monday 1st February, 2021 - The 'aw' sound

Tuesday 2nd February, 2021 - The 'AU' sound - Another alternative spelling for or, aw

Can you read these sentences and underline the 'au' sound - or, oor, aw, oar

al - Phonics - also, wall, walk

04.02.21 - 'The aw' sound - Gorilla Tickler - Nessy fun with Mr Bell

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05.02.21 - Next week's spellings to practise - red stripy keywords -

about  day  your  made  came  make

I would like you to begin to practise these spellings over the next week and then on Wednesday, I would like you to take the spelling test that will be set on purple mash.

05.02.21 - Sentence reading and writing with Mr Bell

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