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Friday 22nd January



Adam has created an incredible poem about Autumn:


Autumn poem


I make the trees go orange and red,

I make the days damper.

I make the wind blow hard,

I make the leaves go gold.

Once a year this happens,

But I will be gone forever one day.

Shaking the trees with my hard wind,

I whistle like a bottlenose dolphin.

All day I send my rain,

my tempest.

Sometimes humans don’t like me,

Because I cause floods.

I was the most hated season,

But I have the prettiest months of the year.

I like this earth,

Full of trees and leaves.

But don’t destroy it because,

It’s the only place to call home.

Isabella has created a fantastic poem about Spring:

The smell of springtime fills the air,

No longer are our gardens barren and bare.

The birds start to sing as the mornings get lighter,

The insects zoom and the sun shines brighter.

The flowers start to bloom in colours so bright,

The leaves on the trees sway like they want to take flight.

Butterflies and bees dance and glide in the sky,

Springtime is here to Winter Goodbye.