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20/03/23 - 24/03/23

We continue to recap on Phase 5 phonic sounds this week. 


Phoneme /j/ as g(e), g(i) and g(y)

Phoneme /j/ as 'dge'

Phoneme /n/ as 'kn' and 'gn'


Please remember to keep practising all of these sounds, and the others that we have learnt, so that you can recognise them within words! 


13/03/23 - 17/03/23

This week, we have been recapping:


Phoneme /ur/ as 'ear'

Phoneme /ow/ as 'ou'

Phoneme /ear/ as 'ere' and 'eer'

Phoneme /air/ as 'are' and 'ear'


We also now complete oral comprehension activities on a Friday morning, where we read a story together and discuss it! We think about what the book might be about before reading it and make predictions throughout about what might happen next. We also think about how characters might feel about events that happen and we discuss any unfamiliar vocabulary too. Have a go at this at home with your grown-up! 


06/03/23 - 10/03/23

This week, our focus has been on the following sounds: 


Phoneme /i/ as 'y'

Phoneme /oa/ as 'ow'

Phoneme /oo/ as 'u' or 'oul' 

Phoneme /or/ as 'al'


Remember to think about examples of words that contain these sounds and what those words mean! 

27/02/23 - 03/03/23

We have been recapping Phase 5 sounds again this week - 


Phoneme /s/ as c(e), c(i) and c(y) - force, circus, fancy

Phoneme /s/ as sc and st(l) - scene, wrestle

Phoneme /s/ and /z/ as se - purse, horse

Phoneme /c/ as ck - duck, truck

Phoneme /ai/ as eigh, ey, ei - sleigh, they, reins


Can you remember any words that include these sounds? Try and explain them all to your grown-ups!