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Morning Work

Please find attached today's Arithmetic questions. Remember to check your answers with the animations when you have finished. 


In Maths today, we are going to complete our work on division. 

On the presentation are a set of reasoning questions for you to have a go at. Listen to the audio clips for an explanation of each question. 

Remember you can go back to Friday's video if you need a reminder of the method. 


For GPS we are going to have a recap of expanded noun phrases. 

Please follow the link to the Natural Curriculum lesson. These lessons use a wildlife clip and explain the grammar as well as setting some short tasks. Please complete these on some paper.


For English, please have a go at the reading comprehension. This is a Newspaper report about the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in Ancient Egypt. Read the text carefully then answer the questions.  


In RE today we are looking at two of the messages from the story of Moses, freedom and salvation. 

Have a look at the Powerpoint then complete the task sheet.


Your coding task for this week has been set on Purple Mash. Please follow the instruction and hint videos if you are finding this tricky.