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Hedgehog Homes!

We have been busy making hedgehog homes and have placed them around school. We hope this will encourage hedgehogs to come to our school grounds and have places to live and hibernate. 

Our Eco Code

Our Eco Committee have worked together to write an Eco Code for our school. We have tried to include the messages we think are important for how we feel about the enviroment and link it to the areas we have worked on this year - school grounds, marine and biodiversity. 

Guess the Name of the Bear

We are running a Guess the Name of the Bear competition! You can pay £1 a guess and the money raised will go towards buying a greenhouse for school to help us to grow our own plants. The competition will close on Sunday 23rd July. You can pay for your guesses using ParentMail and your child will then choose the bear's name in school time. 

Wear it Wild Day!

On Monday 5th June, to celebrate World Environment Day we will be having a ‘Wear it Wild Day’. For this, you can wear something with animals on, animal print, or an animal costume or mask. You can make a voluntary contribution which will support WWF in helping the environment at: The children will be learning more about the environment on this day. The idea for this has been suggested by Creswell Class and the Eco School Committee. You can find ideas for what to wear at:

Summer Term

We have planted some flower seeds into tubs today to create food and habitats for insects. We planted nasturtiums, mesembryanthemums and cornflowers. We will keep watering them and hopefully watch them grow! Look out for them at the school's entrance. 

Spring Term

Our Eco Committee have delivered a Collective Worship to share our Action Plan with the school. We introduced our three topics and explained what we would be doing to work on each one.

Autumn Term

Each class has chosen two Eco Committee Members and we met to introduce ourselves. We also have been joined by some parents, who have joined in person or are in contact via email and have contributed to our ideas. 

Each class looked at some sections of the Environmental Review to see what our school already does. 

The Eco Committee met to look at our results and to choose which topics we would look at. We chose:

School Grounds



We then asked everyone in each class for ideas on these topics to go on this year's action plan. 

We met again to decide on our actions and put these into our action plan for this year. 

Eco School 2021-22

We have re-started our Eco School work this year and have formed a new our Eco Committee with two members from each class. We meet each week. We have reviewed our school, looking at different areas and thinking about what we do already that is Eco-friendly and we chose the areas we did the worst to focus our actions on.

These are:





 We have written our Eco Action Plan, thinking of actions in these three areas and we are now starting to put these actions into place. 

See the document 'Sharing our Eco Action Plan below for more details. This is the information the Eco Committee has shared with the whole school. 


We are recycling some special items at school - Babybel wrappers, Kinder packaging and cheese soft packaging. The bins for these are in the school entrance hall. See the posters below for the waste we can collect. Please make sure all packaging is clean before you place it in the bins. You can find out more on our document below, 'Sharing our Eco Action Plan'. 

June Update!

We have had an Eco Day! We used this day to learn about Eco issues. Each class had lessons on Eco topics such as climate change and looking after the environment. You can see some of our work below. 

Each class also took part in litter picking, working to keep our school grounds clean and litter free! In Collective Worship,  our Eco committee members told us  how and why we need to save energy. 

Eco Code

Our Eco Committee have formed our Eco Code. This is what we aim to do to help the environment at St. Luke's. It has been shared with the whole school and is displayed in each classroom. 

End of Year Update!

We have been very busy this year, completing the actions on our Action Plan. We have had compost bins in every classroom to collect waste which is composted in our Eco Garden. We have composted 43kg over the school year! 

We have been turning off the lights and projectors in our classrooms in order to save energy. 

We have been collecting extra waste to be recycled. We have collected 20g plastic cheese waste, 100g Kinder packaging and 300g Babybel packaging over this year. 

We collected 7 bags of rubbish on our Eco Day when we all took part in a litter pick. Our school grounds are now looking much tidier! 

We have all learnt more about environmental issues through our actions, collective worship times led by Eco Committee members and through our work on Eco Day. 


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