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We have re-started our Eco School work this year and have formed a new our Eco Committee with two members from each class. We meet each week. We have reviewed our school, looking at different areas and thinking about what we do already that is Eco-friendly and we chose the areas we did the worst to focus our actions on.

These are:





 We have written our Eco Action Plan, thinking of actions in these three areas and we are now starting to put these actions into place. 

See the document 'Sharing our Eco Action Plan below for more details. This is the information the Eco Committee has shared with the whole school. 


We are recycling some special items at school - Babybel wrappers, Kinder packaging and cheese soft packaging. The bins for these are in the school entrance hall. See the posters below for the waste we can collect. Please make sure all packaging is clean before you place it in the bins. You can find out more on our document below, 'Sharing our Eco Action Plan'. 

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