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Collective Worship

Today, please have a look at our Lent collective Worship. 

There are some activities to complete if you would like.


Starter: Here are today's arithmetic questions. 

Today we are continuing our work on subtracting fractions. 

Have a look at the PowerPoint and listen to the audio clips before choosing the Bronze, Silver or Gold Questions to complete. 



First I would like you to listen to chapter 2: Father Elephant


I would like you to draw and label a map showing the route Akimbo and his father took to the water hole. 

Think about the track they were driving on, everything Akimbo saw on the journey and the detour they had to make. 

Make sure your labels are as detailed as possible - you can use quotes from the story if you would like. 


Now listen to chapter 3: Stolen Ivory


What do you think Akimbo might be planning now he has the Elephant's tusk? 

Imagine you are Akimbo and write down your plan. Remember to write in the first person and include details like what you will do with the elephants tusk, how you are going to find the poachers and who you might tell your plans too. 


Later on this week, we will see if your plan is correct. 



Today we are continuing our work on conjunctions. 

Please follow the link to today's lesson and then complete the tasks.

Topic - Geography

In today's lesson we are going to look at the map of Africa. 

Please follow the lesson PowerPoint then complete the task.

Topic - Science

Today we are going to look at how animals have adapted to live in the African Savannah. 

Think about what you have learnt already from Akimbo and the Elephants. 

Follow the lesson and tasks on the PowerPoint.