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We are taking yesterday's learning one step further today by working out a different part of the question. Have a look at my teaching video and hopefully all will make sense! You are all doing so well with the Maths, particularly as this topic of fractions is one we haven't covered in school, so keep up the hard work. I am so proud of all of you for giving it a go! 



Today we are going to be planning our own piece of persuasive writing! It is important to note that I am not asking you to write it up today, just to plan your ideas. You are going to be writing to persuade people to buy your new chocolate bar. The ingredients, design and name of your chocolate bar is entirely up to you, but remember you will need to include the features we have learnt about this week in your piece. You can use the planning structure I have uploaded below or you can create your own. I am looking forward to hearing about a range of new chocolate bars! 



Thursday's GPS task is to combine our weekly grammar focus with our spelling words. This week's grammar focus is fronted adverbials - you can go back to Tuesday's video if you need to refresh your memory on these. 


1. Write 3 sentences that include both a spelling word and a fronted adverbial. 

2. Write 4 sentences that include at least one spelling word (try two!) and a fronted adverbial. 

3. Write a paragraph linking all of the spelling words together and including a range of fronted adverbials. Then, highlight the spelling words and fronted adverbials you have used either by underlining the words or using a highlighter - remember accurate punctuation!


Some examples of fronted adverbials to start your sentences are on the document below. 



Please use this time that we would normally be in PE with Tony to do some form of exercise. You could go on a long walk, do some dancing or even some Yoga. What you do is completely up to you, whatever you enjoy! I have attached the link to the most recent episode of PE with Joe Wicks if you wanted to give that a go this week.