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Today's lesson will be a recap of area. We have covered this in class last half term, however it would be beneficial to have a second look just to double check everyone has a great understanding of the topic. 


I have uploaded a link to a video (not mine!) that will give you some support. Then, have a look at the reasoning and problem solving questions from White Rose Maths. I have also uploaded the answers so you can mark your work. Then, apply your knowledge by answering the calculating area questions - choose the task that is the most challenging, but achievable, for you. You may choose to do so, however the expectation is that you complete one of these pages, not all three. Choose the one star, two star or three star task. 


Remember to let me know how you get on via emails to



I have attached the next instalment of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory below. Once you have listened to it, have a think about the characters we have met so far. If you could ask them any questions, what would you ask? Try and create a question for each of the characters!


Then, choose a character you would like to interview in more detail. Think about what we know about them so far and see if you can link your questions to our prior knowledge. Try and include some closed questions (usually a definitive response - one answer, yes/no such as 'do you like chocolate?') and some open questions (allow a more detailed answer - 'why do you like chocolate?'). Once you have written your questions (try and aim for at least 4!) see if a grown up can ask you the questions and role play answering from the character's perspective. Or, you could ask the questions and see if your grown up could answer them!


Send me your questions - maybe I could answer some too?


An example of closed questions for Augustus Gloop:

Are you from Germany? 

What is your favourite chocolate bar?

How many chocolate bars do you eat in a day?

Do you think you are healthy? 


An example of open questions for Augustus Gloop:

Why is that your favourite chocolate bar?

How could you improve your lifestyle to make you healthier?

Why do you feel like you need to eat so much chocolate?

What do you think your future holds? 



Last week we studied what happened during exercise. Can you remember anything from that lesson? This week, we are moving on to diet and food so that we can ensure we have a balanced lifestyle with the right amount of different foods. It is so important to have a varied diet, not too much of one specific group but also not missing out any others either. 


Have a look in your kitchen - can you group these? Make a list or take some photos! 


Then, think about how you grouped your foods. What made you group them that way? 


Have a look at the video below that discusses different food groups. Is that how you grouped yours? 


The written task today is to produce your own menu for a healthy, balanced lunchbox. Try and see if you can include an item for each of the food groups. How creative can you be? 



We are continuing to look at the Aztecs as our History topic. Have a look at the pictures I have uploaded below. What do you think it is? What are these artefacts used for? 


Choose a task:

1. Choose an artefact and describe its appearance.

2. Choose an artefact and describe its appearance, also discussing your ideas about what it might be used for. 

3. Pretend you are the artefact! Write a 'day in the life of' piece, discussing what you have been up to - you can be as inventive as you like!


I have then added a document which tells you about these artefacts. Look at these at the end of your lesson, once you have done the work and see if you were correct.