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The Great British Soup Off!

If you were in school last Thursday, you would have been able to smell the delicious aroma of our Harvest soup cooking in Creswell class.
We had two groups of children making two different kinds of soup (Mr Bell and Mrs Bellamy were having a competition to see which one was the best!).
Soup one was made using potatoes, celery and parsnips. Soup two was made using peppers, carrots and onions.
The children had to listen carefully and follow the instructions. They were very careful at chopping and could make a bridge with their hands when chopping.
They loved seeing how the vegetables had changed once they had been cooked and also when they were blended.
We all ate our soup together. We remembered our table manners and dipped our yummy crusty bread that we had made from the day before. Great teamwork Creswell class!