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Year 1

Since starting back at school following the Christmas break, we have been working super hard in Maths! We began by recapping our knowledge of addition and subtraction and then compared addition and subtraction statements.

For example:

4 + 5 < 12

15 - 4 > 6


Then, we moved on to shapes and have been learning the names of a range of 3D shapes and sorting them into groups. Can you remember what a cone, cube, cuboid, triangular based pyramid and a sphere look like? 


Next week, we will be moving on to 2D shapes! 


This week, we have been learning all about 2D shapes! We discussed how these are different to 3D shapes and we learnt the names of a range of them. We then talked about some of their properties and sorted them into categories such as 'more than 4 sides' or 'less than 4 sides'. Finally, we discussed patterns and sequencing in both 2D and 3D shapes and we made our own sequences too! We were all able to complete a pattern, well done Year 1! 

This week, we have moved back to place value and have been learning more about the numbers 11-20. We thought about what these numbers looked like as both numerals and words and also drew representations of each number! Then, we investigated the place value of tens and ones within a number and had lots of discussion about what a ten actually is. We were really good at counting in 10s up to 100! Can you explain to your grown-up what a ten is? How did we show our understanding using cubes, tens frames, base 10 and buttons? 

This week, we solidified our understanding of place value by comparing and then ordering both groups of objects and numerals. We did a great job and have a super understanding of these concepts! Then, we moved on to adding by counting on using 100 squares and number lines. We will be looking more at addition and subtraction over the coming weeks.