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Today, we will be completing guided reading sessions. Therefore, please take this opportunity to do some of your own reading. Can you explain and summarise what you have read to a grown up? What language features do you notice in your book - are there any adjectives, adverbs, speech? Can you predict what might happen next? If you are reading a fiction book, can you find a part of the story where you can discuss how a character may be feeling and what evidence you have from the text that supports this? If you have a non-fiction book, try to identify the glossary and contents page and think about the purpose of each of these. How is your book structured? Does it use speech bubbles or short bursts of information? Why do you think the author has presented the book as they have? 


Then, have a look at this comprehension activity on landmarks in America and answer the questions! 


This lesson we are recapping our understanding of the use of capital letters within writing. We have discussed quite often when and why capital letters are used, however there are still errors when it comes to our own writing. Try the activity on page 3 of the document below and be sure to remember to use accurate capital letters in your writing all the time! 


Yesterday you wrote some sentences about the mythical creature, the bunyip. Today I would like you to write a full descriptive paragraph on this creature - you can use some of your ideas from yesterday to help you. We will then be able to compare this to your cold write to see what you have learnt over the topic! Send your finished work to and I will give you some feedback on your writing. 


Have a look at the story of Adam and Eve either in a Bible or online. The part of the story where Adam and Eve eat the fruit is known as ‘the Fall’ and is important for much Christian belief. By being disobedient, Adam and Eve ‘fell’ from being close to God. This also damaged the relationship between people and God, people and each other, and people and the natural world. What do you think about the Fall?

See if you can produce the front page for the Eden Times newspaper. Choose a suitable picture and headline, say what happened, and include a quotation from God, Adam, Eve and the snake. Make sure you explain the idea of ‘the Fall’ — that this spoiled the friendship between humans and God and that humans cannot get close to God again without God’s help.

Golden Time


The children at school have Golden Time today, so take some time for yourself! Do an activity that you think is fun - this could be a form of exercise, some drawing, colouring or reading a book. As long as it is away from a screen! Let me know what you get up to and make sure you enjoy it smiley