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Friday 26th March 2021

Hello Welbeck class, parents and carers,


This week the homework focuses on negative numbers. We have spent some time this week revising our knowledge on negative numbers so hopefully this work will enable us to apply the methods that we have learnt. 


Please continue to encourage your child to log on to Bug Club at least three times a week. The books that are allocated to your child all have a range of comprehension questions that will test your child's understanding of what they are reading. Comprehension is just as important as word fluency and needs to be developed especially towards the end of KS2.


From recent times tables tests it has become apparent that some children are struggling with the 7 and 8 times tables. Please practise these with your child or encourage them to log on to Times Tables Rockstars as times tables plays an important role in all aspects of Maths.


I am looking forward to speaking to you all after the Easter break as part of our parent/carer consultation meetings. If you haven't already booked your slot please follow the link sent over parent mail. If you have any questions or concerns before your appointment please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Take care,


Miss Tomlinson

The Beast of Buckingham Palace


Read chapters 10 to 15 and then complete the following questions: 


1. 'Alfred listened intently' what is another word for intently?

2. When the Lord Protector asks Nanny 'whatever are you doing out of your room at such an ungodly hour'. How do we know she is nervous?

3. Why do you think Nanny has breathing heavily?

4. What do you think Alfred might be thinking as the pram was running away down the staircase?

5. Why did a look of panic flash across the Prince's face? Chapter 14

6. What tells us Alfred has had Nanny's scrambled eggy-wegg a lot?

7. Why do you think Alfred doesn't want to tell Nanny he doesn't like her breakfast?

8. How might Alfred feel as he hears the click of the bedroom door being locked?