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Friday 8th January





Here are some lovely things that some of Welbeck have said about their VIPs.


We look for positive qualities in a VIP’s because if you want to be treated nice treat someone else nicely and it will always come back to you, also we not looking for negative things in our VIP’s focus on positive side.


It’s important to respect our VIP’s because they’re your Very important person, if you’re going to call someone important you have to treat them like an important person or nicely.


First, my family are the ones I look up too. They are kind loving people that I was in love with from the start. They keep me safe and are just the best people I have ever met. Without my Mum and Dad, I wouldn’t be me, they guide me through things I have never done before.

My friends are my secondary VIP’s, they are the ones I go too if I’m out and about with them. I would always be sad without my friends. They guide me through rough times and show me the door in a dark room. They stick up for me like I do to them


My VIP is my mum. The reason why is because my mum and I have a strong bond with each other. My mum is important to me because she is like my best friend. She looks after me, we do special things together and there are millions of other things she does since she is an amazing mum.