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In English today, we will be completing our Big Write for our learning on newspaper reports. 

Using your planning from Friday, can you complete a newspaper report on whichever topic you have chosen Remember to use the success criteria attached to help you include everything we have been learning about. 


Today in spelling we are looking at using possessive apostrophes. 

Read the information on the sheet then complete the task. 


In Maths this week we are beginning our learning about fractions. 

Please watch the video and complete the worksheets attached.

Spr5.4.1 - What is a fraction on Vimeo 


This week, we start our coding. In the first lesson, we will learn to program a catching game. 

In the second lesson, we will learn to program a set of traffic lights. 

Follow the PowerPoints below and use Purplemash, where you'll find your activities in your 2dos.