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Week beginning 17th May 2021


This week in Maths we have been learning to compare and convert imperial and standard measurements. We have learnt about how measurements for length, mass and capacity and have started to convert pounds into stones and then into kilograms. The children worked extremely hard and by the end of the week could convert units of measurement accurately. 



In English we have been continuing with our class book 'Cosmic'. We have started to make connections between what we have already read and what we predict is going to happen next. We have also been continuing to develop our knowledge of the themes that run through the book and have discussed characters traits and personalities based on what we have already read. On Thursday we wrote some excellent advice letters to the main character Liam.



This week in DARE we have been learning to think about the consequences of our risky behaviour. The children were given a scenario about a girl called Hanna who had witnessed her friends trying to steal alcohol. The children had to give advice to Hanna and explain the consequences of the choices that she makes. 



This week we have been continuing to develop our knowledge of the planets and the solar system. We have spoken about gravity and the role that it has on our planet. 



We have continued with our work on the cognitive triangle and started to think about positive affirmations. The children could discuss with a partner the things or people that have a positive impact on their life.