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Today we are recapping our learning of subtraction strategies. Try and have a go at the below questions using a mental method.


1. 597 - 245

2. 398 - 154

3. 659 - 318

4. 215 - 105

5. 884 - 263

6. 5498 - 2037

7. 6481 - 2450

8. 9487 - 6243

9. 9451 - 6129

10. 2645 - 519


Now, complete the worksheet to show your understanding of written subtraction. 


Today we are focusing on grammar and will be learning about prepositions. Do you already know what a preposition is? Have a look at the below link to watch a video and learn more about this type of grammar. Then, have a look at the quiz questions. 


Can you write a list of prepositions and try to use them in sentences, at least 5 sentences or a linking paragraph would be great. 


Today we are learning about different word types and also figurative language. Can you think what a noun is? Or an adjective? Can you describe a verb or adverb? Once you have had a think about this, use the sheet below to suggest some examples of each type of word. 


Then, use the table to create some examples of figurative language. What is a simile or a metaphor? Have you seen alliteration before or personification? Think of some examples. Below are some links that may help. 


Today is our final Drumba session so please use this time to complete some physical activity smiley


This lesson we are experimenting making circuits and discussing conductors and insulators. Think back to our learning last week on electrical safety and how to draw a circuit and see what you can remember. Can you suggest materials that might be good conductors or good insulators? What makes them effective?


Have a look at the link below to read about conductors and insulators and then try the quiz. Write a list of suggestions for good insulators and conductors and see if you can think of common materials that are used for insulating and conducting.