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World Book Day


Today is World Book Day. If you were at school, you would normally dress up as a character from your favourite book. Therefore, today I would like you to dress up as a character and take a picture with your book. Try and be as creative as you can!


Here is a picture of my character from my favourite book:

Morning Task


Please have a go at today's arithmetic task. You may take as long as you need on the questions.



For your PE lesson, please look at the two options.


Option 1: A tennis lesson. It will explain the equipment that you will need in the video but they are house hold items -


Option 2: A dance lesson. It is a dance lesson based on dancing around the world. Today's country is Caribbean. There is also a worksheet which includes interesting facts and activities about Caribbean  -



This week in maths, we will be focusing on our new topic - Fractions.


For maths today, we will be learning how to recognise and find a quarter. The listen will be split into two parts.


The first part of the lesson we will be learning how to recognise a quarter. Please watch the video and complete the worksheet.




The second part of the lesson we will be learning how to find a quarter. Again, please watch the video and complete the worksheet.





This week in English, we are going to re-write the 'Stone Age Boy'. Today, we are going to focus on the middle part of the story.


As we are re-writing the 'Stone Age Boy', we still need use the story but add in extra details to make it even more exciting. If you can't remember the beginning of the story, I have attached the PowerPoint below. 


For the middle section, I would like you to choose a few key events that happen in the story. You don't need to write about all the event but choose the ones that are most exciting to you. 


I have written my own example of the first paragraph. Please read it and have a go at yours. Please write 3 paragraphs explain what the boy is doing with Om. Remember you are writing in first person, as if you were the boy.


My example:


The next morning, I woke up to birds chirping and the bright, golden sun shining. It was very strange waking up on the hard, solid floor and not in my warm, cosy bed. However, I was so excited to see Om and explore the unusual campsite. Everyone had an interesting, challenging job to do and I wondered what mine was going to be.



Today in art, I would like you to design your own book cover. You can recreate the book cover for your favourite book or design your own book cover for an imaginary book.


I can't wait to see you fantastic drawings!

World Book Day Activities


Before Christmas, we read the book 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and learnt all about the key events and chocolate. Today, I would like you have have a go at a couple of these activities. There are a range of activities based on 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.


Here are the activities: