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School Closure - Friday 10th March

Please email any completed work to the class email address:


If you need any help throughout the day, please do get in touch. 

Miss Hunter


In Maths we have just started adding fractions with different denominators.

If you need a reminder, here is the video explaining the work we did yesterday in class: 

Spr5.6.4 - Add fractions within 1 on Vimeo 


After watching this, have a go at the questions below. 


Please complete the following comprehension.


Have a look at the EGPS activity below, try to answer as many of the questions as you can. 


In Geography we have been looking at different natural disasters. 

We have not yet discussed volcanoes.


Please could you do some research and write a non-chronological report covering the following: 

 - How volcanoes are formed. 

 - Where we have many volcanoes. 

 - The largest volcanoes in the world. 

 - What is meant by active, dormant and extinct volcanoes.

 - An example of what happens during a volcanic eruption.

Music - Acorn Theatre

Please continue to learn your lines and practise the songs. 



Continue to practise the spellings you were given last Friday, the test will now be on Monday. 


Times Tables

Our times tables test on the 7x table will now be on Monday.