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Tremendous Time Travelling


By Thoresby Class (years 3 and 4)
On Wednesday 15th October Thoresby class went on a fantastic Time Travelling trip to Christ Church.  In the morning we split the class into three groups and joined some Haggonsfields children on our coach.  The coach took us to Christ Church.
At Christ Church each group took part in six different activities learning about Christianity.  In the first activity we learnt about Communion and tried some wafer, pitta bread and grapes.  We learnt about special meals such as The Last Supper and the Jewish Passover.
The second activity was a prayer activity where we coloured in wooden spoons to make us think about different types of prayer – thank you, sorry and please.  We spoke and listened through tin cans too to help us think about listening to God’s voice.
Our third activity was learning about when the Jews built their first temples and how they were destroyed by the Romans.  We also discussed different parts of the church.
The fourth activity involved learning how to use the banners and flags.  We also learnt what the different colours represented. We learnt a dance with the flags to the song ‘We want to see Jesus lifted high’.
The fifth activity was a storytelling activity.  We used plastic sticks to make different shapes to help us to tell a Bible story from the New Testament.
Our final activity was learning about how people get Baptised or Christened.  When adults are Baptised they sometimes get fully immersed in water in the Baptistery.  The Baptistery is a hole in the middle of the church floor which is filled with water for Baptisms.
We had an awesome day out!