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Violins for Year 3!

St Luke's have Inspire Music teaching violin music lessons to the year 3 children at our school.

Wednesday 19th April


Today, Clumber Class started their violin lessons. We first learnt what a beat is and why it is important when playing an instrument. After, we learnt the notes: G, D, A and E. We learnt a rhyme to help us remember the order of the notes, greedy dogs always eat. 

After, we held the violins for the first time. To help us understand how to play a violin, we first held it like a guitar. This helped us to learn the order off the strings and how to play the notes, using our fingers. 

Wednesday 26th April


For our second lesson, we learnt how to hold the violin correctly. We first learnt how to stand with one foot in front of the other, facing right. Next, we learnt how to hold the violin safely, holding the neck with our left hand and placing the bottom of the violin under our chin.

After, we practiced the notes of the violin while holding the violin in the correct position.

Wednesday 3rd May 


In our third lesson, we recapped our learning from the previous weeks before learning how to hold the bow correctly. We then learnt how to loosen and tighten the strings which are made with horse hair. After, we learnt how to move the bow across the strings of the violin.

First time using a bow to play a note.

Still image for this video

Wednesday 17th May


In our fourth lesson, we learnt how to put rosin on our bows. Then we practiced our standing position and holding the violin and bow correctly. We then used the bow to play the strings. We started with G, all the way to E. 

After, we learnt how to play the notes properly. First we learnt how to play A on the violin. We first looked at where to put our finger and played the string. We held the string down and plucked it. Next, we listened to the difference the sting made when holding it down and now holding it down.


Also, during the lesson we used our body’s to create rhythms. 

Playing the note A.

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