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Morning Task


Please have a go at today's arithmetic task. You may take as long as you need on the questions.



This week in maths, we will be continuing with our topic - Statistics.


For maths today, we will be learning more about bar charts. You will need a ruler, a pencil and colouring pencils.


Please watch the video and then complete the worksheet.





For our English lesson today, we will be reading the beginning of our book 'The Stone Age Boy'. However, the book is on a PowerPoint. This will give you a chance to practice your reading. You may read each page of the book or you can click on the audio speaker to listen to Miss Earle reading it.


Once you have finished reading the first half of the book. I would like you to pick out 4 key events which have taken place. Using these events, you will need to create a story board. This will help you to remember what has happened in the story.


In the top half of the box, you will draw a neat and detailed picture which links to the event. In the bottom half of the book, please write a detailed and descriptive paragraph about the key event. Please use the template to help you.


For example:

One cold, miserable day, the boy was walking through a misty, dark forest and fell down a  deep, mysterious, gloomy hole. He falls and falls and falls until he lands in the middle of a sharp, dangerous rock pile.



Today, we will be starting our new topic - Rocks and Fossils.


I would like you to think about these questions:

What are rocks?

Are rocks alive?

How do you know?

Why are there rocks everywhere?

How do rocks form?


Please watch the video to learn about the three different types of rocks. After, please read through the PowerPoint and complete the worksheet. This will explain the rocks in more detail and help you to understand the difference.


The worksheet is split into two. You will need to sort the pictures into natural and handmade.

3 types of rocks

Still image for this video



For todays lesson, we will be continuing to learn the number 0-10 in French.


Please watch the video learn how to pronounce the numbers. After that, please choose an activity to complete.





In EGPS, we are now going to learn about apostrophes for singular possession.


Please follow the video for this lesson:


It is a very interactive lesson. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil. Please follow the video and have a go at all the different activities.