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Have a go at dividing these larger numbers by 10. The process is exactly the same as last week - go back and have a look at the teaching video if you need to remind yourself of how to do it. 


We are still dividing by 10, and therefore we are only jumping one place to the right. Remember, we move one place because there is one zero in 10, and we move to the right because we are dividing and therefore are making the number smaller. 


The decimal point never moves. Write the numbers in your place value grid and then move them all one place to the right, leaving the decimal point where it is. Your numbers just jump over that decimal point. 


Clear presentation is the key here! Just give yourself plenty of space to create your place value grids. You can use a different colour for your answer like we have done in school before if that helps you see it clearer. 


1. 75 ÷ 10

2. 87 ÷ 10

3. 61 ÷ 10

4. 97 ÷ 10

5. 30 ÷ 10


6. 951 ÷ 10

7. 359 ÷ 10

8. 746 ÷ 10

9. 627 ÷ 10

10. 819 ÷ 10


Extension/Challenge questions:


1. 5049 ÷ 10

2. 9106 ÷ 10

3. 35.7 ÷ 10

4. 96.5 ÷ 10

5. 379.3 ÷ 10

6. 602.8 ÷ 10

7. 62.59 ÷ 10

8. 91.37 ÷ 10



Last week, you researched lots of information about Amelia Earhart in order to answer the key questions. This week, our objective is to write a biography about Amelia using all of the information we have already found out. 


This lesson, we are concentrating on planning our biography. We are not writing it yet, but we are thinking about what we would like to include in it and making sure we have got the relevant research to help us. 


Use the information you already have to plan your biography - you can use the template I have attached or your own one. 



This half term we are focusing on ourselves and how we adapt and cope with unexpected things that happen to us. We are going to be working on our resilience and control in order to develop our skills. 


This lesson, I would like you to think about overcoming problems. We looked at different types of changes last week - some little and some big. Now we are thinking about the problems that these changes can cause and how you deal with that. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers here. We are just taking some time to explore or own characteristics and personalities and discussing how different people approach things differently. 


Have a think about the answers to these questions, and then next week when we are back in class (yay!) we will share our ideas and see whether we can learn something from each other. 


1. How do you feel when a problem arises? 

2. How do you usually deal with a problem? Eg. get angry, run away, feel anxious etc. 

3. What is the best way to deal with a problem?

4. Do different problems need different approaches or can you deal with everything in the same way?



Last lesson we learnt about the Suffragette movement and I could see so many of you had a great understanding of what happened and also some really sensible and mature opinions about it. 


This week, I would like you to create an argument both for the movement and against it. Then, we will hopefully be able to debate it next lesson. 


The statement is: The Suffragette movement was necessary to get women the vote. 


You need to think about different ideas that support this statement - these are your ideas 'for'. So, why do you agree with this? Eg. they were not being listened to and therefore had to resort to the extreme tactics they used in order to be heard. 


Then, what ideas do you have 'against' the statement - things that disagree. Eg. Emily Davison died and getting the vote was not worth the loss of life. 


The ideas you suggest for both sides of the argument do not have to be those that you agree with or that support your actual opinion. You are thinking about things from a range of different perspectives and coming up with a variety of ideas for now. When we debate the statement, you will then be able to choose a side you do agree with and use your arguments to support that side of the debate.


If you need any further support or clarification on this or any of today's tasks, email me on smiley