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Today we will be doing our weekly spelling test. Don't worry if you do not have anyone at home to test you on your spellings. Use the video below. Remember to write down your spellings and email them to me- I'll add it to your spelling records.


Video link:



Starter- Today, I would like you to follow the link below to access work on how to include hyphens. You will also be learning about the peacock jumping spider. Remember to watch the video before completing the tabs marked the grammar bit and whiteboard challenges. If you would like to challenge yourself further you can continue with the writing ideas. I am looking forward to seeing the work that you produce.




On a Friday we would have Big Write. This is a lesson where you would be given 45 minutes to create an independent piece of writing. Today you are going to be writing a short story using the picture below. 

- Where is the picture taken?

- What can you see in the picture?

- What is going to happen in your story?

- Which characters might you include?

- What type of story are you going to write? Remember we have learnt about different story genres including comedy and action.


I have included the success criteria that you would be given in class. Try to use the success criteria as a checklist as you are writing to include as many things as you can.


Remember to be creative!




Starter- Mental arithmetic- Set yourself a timer of 15 minutes to try and complete as many questions as you can. Think carefully about the different methods we have learnt this year and try to use these when answering the questions. 

Main Activity-  Yesterday you found the volume of a range of shapes. Today you are going to apply the knowledge you learnt yesterday to answer volume reasoning questions. Remember to read through the questions carefully and pick out the useful information.


Remember- Volume = length x width x height


Yesterdays PowerPoint will help you recap.



Think back to last week when you started to write about people who are important to you. You thought carefully about the reasons why they are important to you. Today we are going to think about the behaviours that we show towards someone that we care about.

- What could these behaviours be?

Task: Write down a list of these behaviours and think about why we behave in that way.

- How does it make our VIP's feel?

- How do we treat people that we don't know or care for? E.g. strangers?

- Is it okay to not show respect to people we don't know? 


Sometimes we feel angry or upset- these are natural feelings and everyone feels angry or upset at different points of their lives.

- How do we deal with these feelings?

- What is the best way to overcome these emotions? 

- What methods do you use to help you relax?


Talking with our VIPs can help, exercise may help some people and mindfulness might help others. 


Task: Today I would like you to create your own mindfulness drawing. Use the pictures below to help you design your own.





During the Victorian times the brass bands were popular in providing entertainment. 

- What instruments are part of a brass band?

- What impact do brass instruments have on a piece of music?


There are lots of different brass band instruments- many more than you might think. Below is a website that I think you might find useful. Look at the main page of the website and read about the noises they make and their design. Then scroll down to the list of brass band instruments. Choose an instrument and click on the link. I would then like you to do the following:

- Carefully sketch the instrument

-  Write 5 facts about the instrument

Then I would like you to use the following website to learn the musical terms for instruments: