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Today in Maths, we are going to be counting the sides on a 2D shape. Do you know any 2d shapes? Can you spot any around your house? Watch the video and then complete the activity. .Watch this video to help name the shapes   


In EGPS today, I would like you to complete the 3 different activities on BBC bitesize. There is also a video to watch too. I can't wait to see your super work!


For Literacy today, I would like you to learn the first two verses of the owl and the pussycat poem off by heart. Underline the rhyming words to help you. I would like a grown up to record a video or voice recording of you performing this poem and send the video to the class email please. I would like you to perform it with expression and loud and clear.


For P.E today, we are focusing on dance. I would like you to watch this video and take part in the dancing. Each week, we will be focusing on a different country and learning a dance. There is a worksheet to complete too.


Today in Geography, we are looking at maps! Do you know what a map is? How do they help us? Have a look at the PowerPoint and complete the activities.