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Work through the rapid reasoning and fluent in five questions- remember you have five minutes to complete each activity.

Today we are continuing to find the area of a triangle. Work through the PowerPoint before completing the activity. 



Should Pokemon cards be banned in schools?


Today, we are going to start to plan a balanced argument. Using the question above, write at least five reasons to support the question and five reasons against the question. I would then like you to write an opening paragraph to what will be your balanced argument. Look at the example below for a good opener. 


There are many arguments for and against children owning pets. Pets help to keep children company, help to keep children fit, and they also help the children learn responsibilities. However, pets can be dangerous. They require a lot of maintenance, and they cost a lot of money to be taken care of properly. 



Work through the PowerPoint about the different parts of the Earth's surface and then draw and label your own diagram.

Acorn Theatre


Please continue to practise your lines and songs for the Acorn Theatre.