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Anti-Bullying Week 2021

Our first activity for Anti-Bullying week was to discuss our new word of the day, which is 'compassionate'. We decided on this word because it is a synonym for 'kind' and this is how we always need to treat others. We discussed the meaning of the word and how we could be more compassionate in our lives. Our aim for today is to be compassionate to everyone we come across! 

We looked at the theme for Anti-Bullying week - 'One Kind Word' and created our own words. Inside these words we wrote ideas about anti-bullying, such as how to stop bullying and how to treat others. Have a look at some examples! 

Our next 'word of the day' was inspire. We discussed what it means to inspire others and how we have been inspired too. Some of the children even used it in their story writing - well done! 

The Anti-Bullying Alliance provided an excellent resource about when each individual has been shown kindness and how that made them feel. I particularly liked the bank of words at the bottom, which allowed children to think more about the vocabulary they were using. Each child discussed five times they have experienced kindness and how it made them feel - have a look below. 

Some children chose to create their own Anti-Bullying superheroes who had special powers to prevent bullying. They came up with names for their heroes and also what they looked like, discussing how they helped others. 

The next word of the day is 'unite' - we have discussed what this means and how, this week, we are all uniting against bullying.